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Pet ownership is a big commitment. Having a dog in your family is a great way  for your kids to learn about responsibility. Walking, feeding, and grooming are  all activities that young children can do to learn about the importance of  caring for animals.

Kennels & Day Care!   We offer a boarding and daycare/creche  facility at Top Dogs with large wood chipped and grass play areas, indoor facility also to provide extra playtime in bad weather etc.  All areas are secure and suitable for small and large dogs alike.

We also have a grooming service with three full time groomers open from Tuesday to Saturday.  We cater for all breeds and sizes!

Amie Weld (BSc Physiotherapy. MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy) resident Physio and Margot Gorman qualified Hydotherapist are both on site for appointment for Physio and Hydotherapy .  Bookings are by referral and appointment.

Have a look at our play areas etc in our gallery!

All kennels are spacious with heating, night light and radio facility open 7 days a week, all year round, offer a loving and caring environment for your dog with ample time given to out door activities where possible and kenneling just for bed time!  all types of dogs welcome.

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